We value our authors as the most important assets of our business and strive to develop a strong and flexible relationship with them. Our commitment to providing our authors with the tools they need and an environment, in which they can succeed, has made us the No.1 choice for authors to publish their book.

Benefits of publishing with us:

  • Support from us throughout the writing and development process
  • High quality product
  • National level promotion, marketing, distribution and sales

We encourage anyone interested to submit their book proposal. After it has been reviewed, an editor will contact you to discuss the proposal.

Proposal Guidelines

The following guidelines provide direction for writing and submitting your proposal, for reviewing and publishing purpose. Please try to provide as much information as possible.

  • Description of the Book-: The subject area the book covers, your purpose for writing and what makes it different from the ones currently available in the market.
  • Market-: The Primary market for which the book is intended for. The secondary markets for which the book can be used.
  • Competition-: Main competitors for the proposed book (if any)
  • Sample Chapters-: Provide a few pages of a few chapters (first 4-5 pages of 2-3 chapters approx.)
  • Personal Information-: What experience, qualification or background you have? (attach CV if possible)
  • Mail your proposals-:

Ilmi Kitab Khana,  Kabir Street Urdu Bazar Lahore.
Email us at: contactus@ilmikitabkhana.com