Mission Statement

We only publish writings of high quality and integrity


Founded in 1948, ILMI has evolved into one of Pakistan’s most respected publishing companies. We strongly believe in the enduring value of collaborative relationships, built on a solid foundation of trust and integrity. We strive to be the very best at all that we do, which strengthens our competitive position and results in consistently strong performance.

– We are responsible to our customers, who rely on the quality of our products to meet their needs at reasonable prices.
– We are responsible to our authors, who collaborate with us to create high-quality products, and who deserve appropriate recognition and compensation for their efforts.
– We are responsible to our colleagues, whom we respect as human beings first, professionals second. We must provide a reasonable sense of security, pleasant and safe working conditions, fair compensation and benefit programs.
– We are responsible to teachers, educationists and vendors, who help promote our products to our customers.

Goals and Strategies

ILMI’s goal is to become the most successful company in the markets in which we compete. Successful means:

– Revenue growth that results in market share gains.
– Strong profitability, cash flow, and return on investment.
– Innovation that serves the needs of our customers.

Achieving this will require:

– Enhancing existing capabilities and developing new ones.
– Ensuring a competitive cost base and an efficient product and business development process.
– Building on our culture of collaboration and our ability to foster long-term partnerships to deliver value to authors, customers, clients, and colleagues.