IlmiKitabKhana is one of the oldest and largestpublishers of academic books in Pakistan. Our authors are exemplary educators who work hard to provide quality material to the students and teachers.Hundreds of thousands of students have not only achieved success perpetually but also have secured prominent positions in examinations with the help of our educational books. Our publications take the students through the reading in such a progressive and simple manner, that it changes the way they think and makes them literate, empathetic and knowledgeable citizens.Our commitment to our work has made us one of the leading publishing companies in the country.

Our organisation is guided is by the following principles:

  • We only publish material of high quality and integrity
  • We anticipate and deliver what our customers want
  • We respect the authors, teachers, educationistsand vendors with whom we work
  • We are committed on ensuring our work is accessible to everyone